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Virtual Trip - Lower Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

As much fun as the salmon were, it was hard not to lay awake at night thinking of hunting these magnificent 'Bows.

John Dunagan is holding a beautiful Arctic Char that is starting to get its spawning colors. These eager biters are a blast to catch. They can get in the way though - if you are targeting a trout you have spotted. They are so fast, they often beat the trout to your fly - especially if it's an egg pattern.
(Photo by Kevin Stewart)


Even the smaller ones - those under twenty inches - were super fish.

Here are a few of the smaller "pets" - just about ready to be hand fed. The wild version of these trout are not quite as friendly.

Albert holds up a large lower river bow.
(Photo by Kevin Stewart)


A ten pound plus pet trout? Yes. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. There were several pets and most were large trout, but one of these guys was huge. He's known as Bucketmouth - because of the way he holds his huge jaw. He has been a camp pet for many years and is a personal friend to Brad's 10 year old son son - Cutler.


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