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Virtual Trip - Lower Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

Mike landed this hefty King in the lower river.

This fish didn't dawdle on the release.


This was one of the little Kings - about 16 lb. "jack" or immature king.

I had already caught a bunch of Kings that morning - I honestly could not tell you how many - it seemed like a hundred. It took me 30 minutes to land this King and I was spent by the time I landed it. It was such a beautiful fish we wanted a photo - It was only a mid twenties fish, but I could barely lift it. I finally held it up for a nice photo, but I thought this one showed more of what it was really like.

Fish as hard as you want - fish till you drop, or pace yourself. I tried both - I would recommend the pacing approach.


Each day brings new options for your adventure. You get a new guide and potentially a new and/or different fishing method. This is of course if that's what you are looking for. If you have found something you like and want to stick with that, your guide will take you to a spot that is good for that method of fishing. If you have a favorite spot, that can be arranged too.

I found that I liked to let the guide - "guide" me to what he thought would be best for that day. Conditions (weather, river levels, run strength etc.) are constantly changing and the guides have the experience to know what will probably be the best options for today's conditions.

Most days we were there the guides said pretty much everything was happening, so we had our choice of species and methods. The guides were all great at offering suggestions for options. We learned several new ways of catching salmon.

Locations are not much of an issue as there are many spots and most are so large that they can accommodate two or more groups of anglers if you so desire. We shared a few bars with other guests - just for fun sometimes. We could have easily found our own bar, but it was nice to fish together occasionally.

All-in-all it was a spectacular fishing vacation that far exceeded our expectations. We were planning our next Duncan adventure before the week was over.



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