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Virtual Trip - Lower Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

Guest Peter looks on as guide Ryno maneuvers the boat on the ride from the airstrip to the lower base camp. Ryno is having way too much fun driving the boat.


It's about an hour boat ride to the camp, so everyone bundles up for the ride.

The sun sets (kind of) on the camp. It never really sets, but it looks like a sunset.

The ride to camp is great fun - lots to look at as the guide maneuvers the boat. Sometimes the river is several hundred yards wide and other times it is only a few boat lengths. Most of the time though, it is somewhere between those two extremes. There is so much to see, we just sat back and soaked up the beauty this unique area has to offer.

Notice the outboard motor above. Besides the normal tiller that controls the speed and direction, the right arm controls a height lever. This allows the driver to raise and lower the outboard to compensate for river depth. Sometimes the river is only inches deep, so to keep the prop from touching bottom, it is raised as needed - while keeping the speed constant.



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