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Virtual Trip - Lower Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

You are teamed up with a different guide each day. On our first full day of fishing, we went with Drew. He asked us what kind of fish we would like to target. We said - "whatever you think would be good today."

He says , "Well let's try for some Kings to start, then we can go from there."

Even though we were fishing in 2006, it made me wonder if fishing in the lower 48 was like this a hundred years ago.


It took Mike about 15 minutes to latch into his first King.

Mike caught this bright chum Salmon in the same run. Many times we would catch several species back to back. A Chum, a Sockeye and a Pink.

To catch a King though - you need to cast more towards the middle of the river. If you cast at the edge of the middle - you never know what may bite your fly.

We fished with a different guide each day. That is a great way to experience the Kanektok. Each guide has his own little "secret" spots and techniques. Actually they are not really secret as everyone is very willing to share their knowledge, but they each have their own little gems. The major runs, bars, holes, drifts all have names - like "Monkey Island", "The Sushi Bar", "Oil Can ", "Lovers Corner", "The Bull Pen" or "The Teeny Bar" - to name just a few. Depending on what species you want to target - your guide will suggest certain areas.

There were so many Salmon in the river when we were there - we had our choice between Kings, Sockeyes, Chums or Pinks. The Kings were the biggest and the most tiring to catch. The Chums were tireless fighters, eager to take the fly and put up a fight like you wouldn't believe. The Pinks were prolific, very easy to catch but the smallest of the Salmon. My personal favorite was the Sockeye. A little harder to catch - it might take up to ten casts per fish, but was worth the effort. You could pretty much tell the kind of fish you had on within the first few seconds of the fight - though not always. If it exploded into the air and took off like a rocket to the other side of the river - then jumped five more times, it was probably a Sockeye.



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