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Virtual Trip - Lower Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

Sockeye Salmon are an incredible species. There is no question as to what you have on when it is a Sockeye. It is - BOOM and JUMP - Jump - Jump - run - run - Jump... then it's hang on...



This is a common look at a Sockeye - they seem to always be in the air.

These are not quick, easy fish to land, Drew helped me land this feisty Sockeye.

I could fish for Sockeyes all day long - and we did spend a lot of time with these marvelous fish. These were what are called locally as "marchers." They have one thing on their mind - that is to get to the lake to spawn. Unlike the Kings and Silver Salmon - the Sockeyes spawn in the small tributaries of the lake. So they have a few more miles to go than the other salmon.

You can see small schools of 10 to 20 (maybe more) making their way up stream. They seem to stay in small packs in their journey. They also like to stay in certain zones. While Kings like the deepest middle, the Sockeyes like the "streamier'' more shallow runs. Fortunately for us, our guides knew the best bars that allowed us to intercept them at prime locations.

The "Teeny Bar", the "Sushi Bar" were two of our favorites. There are just so many options, it's hard to choose. Looking back, I sure miss these fish!!


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