Alaska fly fishing guides
Virtual Trip - Lower Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

Every path leads somewhere nice.


Malcolm and Peter discuss what flies worked best.

Prime rib - slow cooked with garlic - all you can eat, and eat and eat.

After a day's fishing, you can always look forward to a relaxing family style dinner. There was always an appetizer - Salmon Pate or smoked salmon and crackers. I liked to get there early - as Salmon in all forms is my favorite. There was always plenty.

It was great sharing stories with our new British friends. We all came from different backgrounds and cultures, but we all had one thing in common - we were all fishing fanatics. Fishing in England, Scotland and Ireland is way different than fishing in the US - and even more different than Alaska fishing. I think they were a little overwhelmed - at first - of the sheer numbers of fish. Actually I was too.



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